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production services for books about music...
and MUCH more

Just a few of the many ways Fourth and State helps preserve the stories of music: assisting a musician with a memoir; working with a publisher to edit a music-themed manuscript; assembling a tabletop art book about an iconic band; helping a legacy artist organize their personal archive; consulting and book packaging services for publishers, rights management companies, and musical artists.
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Award-winning author, music historian, and three-time GRAMMY nominee Scott B. Bomar launched Fourth and State out of a love for music-themed books. Building on that foundation, he has pursued a range of projects guided by his mission to help preserve music's great stories. Whether co-writing a musician's memoir, editing a manuscript for a book publisher, producing a box set for a record label, consulting on a music documentary, or assisting a legacy artist in managing their archive of photographs and memorabilia, Fourth and State takes on each music-related project with passion and an eye for detail.  

Writing & Editing

Whether it's Grammy-nominated album notes, an essay for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, an important press release, a co-written memoir, or ghostwriting services for a legacy artist who wants to tell their story, we specialize in the craft of writing about music and musicians. Additionally, we offer a full range of editorial services, including manuscript evaluation, structural editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. We'll create a tailored plan for your specific project.



Working on behalf of established book publishers, rights management companies, or artists seeking to self-publish, Fourth and State handles all aspects of the book production process to deliver print-ready projects. We handle concept development, editorial oversight, cover art direction, layout/design, and assistance with the clearance of photos and other copyrighted material. For those who need it, we oversee the printing process, and can even assist with securing distribution services for the finished project.   


While memoirs and music history books are a big part of what we do, we have a particular affinity for deluxe tabletop books. From gathering and licensing photographs to coming up with elaborate flourishes, we believe that art books should, themselves, be pieces of art. One of our specialties is putting together collector pieces and numbered limited editions signed by the author. 


Recent years have seen an explosion in rights management companies investing in the assets of artists, musicians, and songwriters. Preserving and promoting the legacy of those clients is crucial, and books can be an important part of that mission. Whether you represent a rights management company, or are an artist seeking to realize your own vision, Fourth and State is available to consult on concept development, assist in finding the right partners for your needs, and even oversee the project from start to finish.   


project management

In addition to managing book and archival preservation projects, Fourth and State can oversee a range of music-related projects. We specialize in box sets and reissue releases, but are also available to explore any outside-the-box projects that helps artists tell their stories. If you're an artist, manager, or entertainment company that needs someone to oversee a special project, reach out and we'll explore it together. 

archive assistance

The processes of book creation and archiving often intersect. Both require detailed organization, careful preservation efforts, and even practical but important tasks such as securing high quality scans of photos and documents. Not only does Fourth and State work with artists and their estates on book projects, we also assist with the organization and management of their archives. From lyrics, legal documents, and photographs, to instruments, recordings, and correspondence, we're here to help artists catalog and preserve every aspect of their legacy.     

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